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Post Lockdown

It’s widely predicted that there will be a surge of buyers all hoping to move home after lockdown.  People will be upsizing or downsizing whilst others will want a larger garden or to be nearer family and loved ones.   So, with this surge also comes a problem:  


Q: How do we as estate agents safely deal with such a large demand for property viewings?  


Fortunately we have the answer.  Scroll down, watch our video to find out more.


Play Video

Zero health risk

No contact with viewers means no health risk – a 3d tour allows your home to be effectively a safe open house 24/7 to as many buyers who want to view it. 

Take Measurements

Viewers can check to see if your dining room table or sofa will fit a room, or even size up for curtains.

huge time saving

As all initial viewings take place “virtually” this ensures in-person viewings are well qualified, a great time saver for both buyers and sellers.

Fully Interactive

Unlike video, viewers can navigate around at their leisure, wandering from room to room – just as they would on an actual viewing.   

Have a go yourself!

Click the PLAY button below to start the tour – remember, you can stop anytime and take over yourself!  

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