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Becky Denford

Jargon Free Advice for First-Time Buyers

Here’s our Becky with a 3-minute easy-read on making your property buying debut in Devon a successful one. Do you remember when you rode a bike without support for the first time? Or when you learned to swim? And who can forget the moment when the driving examiner turns and says ‘congratulations, you’ve passed.’ You

Man got lost in the forest
Rob Stoyle

I’m a landlord drowning in red tape, get me out of here!

Some people say being a landlord is easy. These people are wrong.
Glance through the list of the 175 plus laws that apply to landlords in the UK and you quickly realise there is a lot more to the lettings game than most people think
They cover everything from tenancies and evictions, to energy ratings, pollution, and electrical safety. It’s a regulatory jungle out there folks.

Rob Stoyle

The Crediton Post Lockdown Property Market

So, what have we learned in the first month? From talking to a lot of other estate agents and our from own findings, it might surprise you to learn that new enquiries from homebuyers, tenants, landlords and home sellers have been at record levels since lockdown was lifted from the property market in mid-May. There are

are buy to let landlords to blame
Rob Stoyle

Is This the Beginning of the End for Buy to Let in Crediton?

In 2019, the private rented sector accounted for just over four and a half million households or 19.9% of UK households, no change from the year before. Interesting, when compared to the proportion of private rented households in the 1980’s and 1990’s, when the proportion of private rented households was stable at around 9.5% to 10.8%.

Image of caucasian uptight family sitting on sofa at home with p
Rob Stoyle

What Else Does 2020 Have in Store for Property Landlords?

If you had to sum up 2020 in one word (without using “unprecedented” because it has been overused) what would it be?Weird? Abnormal? Or what about unheard-of? Okay, maybe that is two words, but you catch our drift. Whatever adjective you choose, it is a safe bet that you will not forget the first six months of 2020 in a hurry!

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2 Industry Award Wins for Helmores!

I am absolutely delighted to announce that we secured Best Estate Agent in the UK and Best Estate Agent in the South West at the prestigious