Aerial photographs are a fantastic way to showcase a country property, and its a feature that you’ll...

Aerial photographs are a fantastic way to showcase a country property, and its a feature that you’ll see a lot on our property details, particularly rural properties which have open space surrounding them.

However, there are strict rules and regulations surrounding drones in terms of the distances required from people and properties.

We’re often teaming up with Aerial Media Services to help out with our drone shots – they are CAA approved drone operators based in Devon but who operate the length and breadth of the country too. They are also well versDJI_0198.jpged in property since operating drones on Grand Designs, House of the Year, Inside Outside Homes and other shows on principal terrestrial TV channels.We operate a number of drones for our aerial photographs and aerial videos – with the summer fast approaching the potential for drone shots increases as they are generally fair weather flyers!

Whilst anyone can purchase a drone, there are guidelines for those using them for commercial purposes that need to be adhered to – Helmores and Aerial Media Services are CAA approved which means that they hold what’s called a ‘Permission for Commercial Operations’ (PFCO) – this is a license which grants the holder permission to fly for commercial gain – for us as Estate Agents, we’re using our aerial photographing capabilities in order to help to sell your property – so whilst we don’t get a direct benefit from it, the benefit will be seen upon the sale of the property. It all helps!

Taking an aerial photograph can be fun and rewarding – however, there are advantages to having the experience of having flown drones and taken aerial photographs – it takes time and skill to get the best out of your drone/camera – basic and more advanced photographic skills are a must as well as post production skills. Getting the best angle for your property, getting the best out of the landscape, getting the most out of your camera/drone are things that we’ve built up over time and sent to the memory bank!

DJI_0012.jpgOf course, drones have come a long way since the early days – attaching a Go Pro camera to the undercarriage of a drone with 5 minute flight times are now archaic! Full frame cameras, 25 minute flight times and up to 30 megapixel RAW photographs are fairly standard these days (although reading this article in a years’ time, these standards will also be defunct!). Drone technology is ever changing and it’s a job to keep up with the technology. However, one thing is for certain, drones are here to stay and the aerial photos and videos will always help you as a vendor and us as a PFCO holder sell your house!

This article was initially written by Adam H-W  who is a drone operator based in Devon but travels nationwide.

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