Tomorrow is World Earth Day (April 22) – we take a look at the impact the Coronavirus has had on the...

Tomorrow is World Earth Day (April 22) – we take a look at the impact the Coronavirus has had on the environment.

The outbreak has caused pain, misery, and anxiety not only across Crediton but the entire globe.

But it has also had what many environmentalists describe as a ‘healing effect’ on the local and global environment, wildlife, and the natural planet.

Tomorrow is World Earth Day which was created to bring people’s attention to the challenges the planet is facing. And to give you ideas on things you can do to help combat climate change.

And with that in mind, we’ve had a look at some of the plus points for the planet that have been reported since the global lockdown.

Cleaner Air – Cities and towns across the World are reporting significant drops in air pollution caused by vehicles, factories, and planes.

Cleaner water – Residents in Venice have reported a considerable rise in the levels of visibility in the canals that course through the city. This has been caused by the drop in tourism due to Italy’s strict lockdown.

The Return of Wildlife – Stories from around the World feature incidents of animals coming out as humans stay in. These include pods of killer whales being seen off the coast of Canada for the first time in decades, deer in Japan venturing into cities to eat plants and closer to home in the UK a rise in the bumblebee population, moles and even goats being seen wandering the Welsh town of Llandudno.

Have you noticed any changes in the environment?

Do you see wildlife or new plants popping up while you are out on your daily exercise?

We’d love to know so, please drop us a line or leave a comment.

To find out more about World Earth Day visit:

From all of us at Helmores we hope you’re staying home, staying safe and staying positive.

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