If you found out tomorrow you needed to have open heart surgery, what kind of questions would spring...

If you found out tomorrow you needed to have open heart surgery, what kind of questions would spring to mind?

Here’s what I’d be asking…

What’s the success rate?

What are the risks?

What’s the experience of the surgeon? Both in terms of qualifications and number procedures carried out?

And maybe a few more too.

We can all agree that the more experience someone has in doing something, the more successful they will be at it, right?

So, back to selling your property

In my 15 years selling property, I can count on 1 hand the number of times I’ve been asked questions like:

What are the risks? (by the way, there are many when embarking on moving house)

What’s your experience? (how long have you been an agent and how many sales have you handled?)

What’s your success rate? (both in terms of % of asking price achieved, days to secure a buyer and sale agreed to exchange success rate)

So why?

Why don’t people ask these questions when they’re clearly REALLY important when it comes to having a smooth, minimal stress, successful sale?

Many people ask what are your fees and how much can you get for my house… then choose either the highest valuation or lowest fees, or both.

Yet 75% of the population don’t trust estate agents… maybe that’s because 75% of the population choose the wrong estate because they aren’t choosing based on enough research or the right questions!

You can see what I’m getting at here right?  Smoothly handling property sales (and negotiating the best outcome for a client) requires skill, practice, expertise, commitment and experience. Not £900 and a login area to get your house on rightmove.co.uk.

The ONE thing I would like you to take from this if you are planning on moving house/sell a property… THINK! It might sound cheap, but what is the overall cost?

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