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Can a drone really help sell a property?

Google Maps have been offering aerial views for some time, I am sure we have all had a good look around to see what’s local to us and found it interesting, it’s especially useful if you are looking to purchase a property in that area.  Google Maps uses satellite images and details are often a little out of focus, that is not so when using a top of the range drone with DSLR camera attached as used by Helmores Estate Agents – one of our fleet of drones!

There are many advantages to offering our drone footage service and we find it surprising not more estate agents have taken to the use of them, though understand the cost and training involved may be preventative for some.  Fortunately, I have always been keen on gadgets and kept up to date with new technology as it arises.  I completed my drone pilot’s training back in 2013 and have “Permission for Commercial Operations” certificate which allows me to lawfully and safely carry out drone photography and video.

Drones cannot work for every property we sell, there are rules and regulations that must be complied with, however for the right property their use can really help show off the setting.  They will show the property as a whole, the layout of the gardens and grounds and spectacular Devon countryside surrounding it.  Drone footage allows a prospective buyer to see far more than they would from ordinary sales particulars, a bit of drama can be added with the right music and before you know it the viewings are lining up!  

We are very fortunate in Devon, it’s very rare any aerial footage will show anything untoward, we are surrounded by so much beautiful countryside.

Check out some of our aerial images that we’ve shot over the past few years:

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